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Climate data for every vehicle and every journey.

Other Way is a climate consultancy powering the innovators and adopters of decarbonised transport.

Understand your climate impact today.

Celebrate the emissions avoided in the past.

Promote the sustainable transport of the future.

Carbon labels for eMobility

Communicate the climate benefit of going electric with quality well-presented data

Lots of customers question the green credentials of going electric. The answer can be complex. Other Way’s carbon label service creates easy to understand labels for your specific product or service.


Carbon labels for any journey

Help your customers to become climate-literate consumers with our data label service.

You have worked hard to reduce emissions from your transport solution. Tell your customers about it. Use Other Way’s carbon label service to offer a trusted thumb’s up to your solution.

Start your net zero transport journey

Detailed reports to explore pathways for you to reduce your business’ transport emissions.

There are hundreds of actions you can take to reduce transport emissions but which would be the most effective? Explore your opportunities with Other Way’s carbon reports.

Other Way works with pioneers in all decarbonising transport sectors.


Electric vehicles are fast becoming the talisman for personal climate action. We support those retailing electric vehicles and associated services.


Retailers of vehicles of all kinds, whether it is bicycles, running shoes, converted vans, we help them understand the emissions benefit of their goods.

Low carbon logistics

The emergence of urban cargo bike delivery gives consumers more choice for sustainability. We help show that with our data.

Travel & tourism

Travel agencies and tour providers are building experiences that are good for both you and the planet. We provide the carbon data to communicate those benefits.

“Other Way really made us realise just how significant small choices are. We’ve reconsidered our work commutes.”

Environmental charity, summer 2021

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