Carbon Labels

Use Other Way’s data platform to create accurate and accessible carbon footprints for your transport solutions.

Accessible transport carbon footprints

Other Way’s platform is built on hundreds of reviewed and published calculations on the emissions of transport.

From this we can answer an unlimited number of queries. In summary, they fall under two categories:

How much of an impact will my customers have in using my service?
How much better is that than the average?

Other Way’s Carbon Label service offers you bespoke labels for each of your services.

How it works

Initial Interview

We will talk through your transport solution to develop an understanding of your needs.

Other Way Analysis

The team will work through the interview responses to provide accurate analysis.

Label delivery

Other Way presents your data label back to you, ready for printing and publishing as you require.

How would you use a carbon label?

Customers are diverse across transport sectors. Electric vehicle retailers, bicycle retailers, travel agency and logistics firms are using our carbon labelling service. Book an initial meeting today.